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Wooden Yoke

Ox Yoke

Antique two-piece wooden/iron single horse yoke/harness with fastening belt


Antique Wooden Yoke Human neck shoulder water bucket carrier primitive hand made


Large Antique Primitive Wooden Oxen Yoke Farm Barn Tool Rustic: 43"


Antique Hand Wrought Iron and Wood Cattle Yoke


Antique Barn Single Double Tree Cast Iron Yoke Horse Oxen Tractor John Deere USA


antique primitive small wooden animal dog collar yoke rose head 18thc nail aafa




Large Antique Primitive Wooden Oxen Yoke Farm Barn Tool Rustic Decor


Carved Wooden NECK SHOULD YOKE w/ CHAINS Water Bucket Carrier Primitive Antique


antique wooden mule yoke harness collar part (REVISED SHIPPING)


Antique 1800's Hand Carved Wooden Hardwood Double Ox Yoke - Oxen Beam 50" LONG


Antique Weathered Hand Carved  Wooden  Ox, Oxen Yoke,Forged Iron Hooks 40``L


Antique Hand Carved Wooden Single Ox Yoke w/Bows, 32" by 22" by 6" as shown.


Antique Wooden Shoulder Yoke Water Carrier 1800's RD0497


Antique Primitive Wooden Yoke with Cast Iron Fixtures


Antique Primitive Tiny Carved Wooden Yoke, 5 3/4" X 4" including the bolt


Antique Wooden Water Sap Bucket Carrier Shoulder Yoke


Lot 4 Antique Rustic Primitive Wooden Yoke Horse Cart Hitch Harness Evener Farm


Antique Wooden Ox Yoke ~ Vintage Farm Tool / Barn Cowboy Western D


Antique Wooden Yoke from A Farm in Southwest Virginia


Antique Wooden Shoulder Yoke Bucket Carrier 1800's RD0497


YOKE Amish hand carved Single Tree Wooden Iron Yoke w red paint Nice Farm Decor


2 Vintage Wooden Ox Yoke Neck U Farm Tool Western Decor 1800s Antique primitive


Antique 27 '' Wooden Ox Yoke and Metal Harness


Vintage Wooden Single Tree Yoke, Horse Hitch Cottage/Farm Decor 31 1/2 long


Antique Wooden Shoulder Yoke Water Carrier--Primitive


Antique Hand Carved Single Tree Wooden Iron Yoke Painted Green Rustic Farm Decor


Antique Vintage Wooden Yoke Single Tree Horse Harness #3051A


Antique Wrought Iron,Hand Carved Wooden Double Ox Yoke w/Bows,54" Old Blue Paint


Antique Wooden Ox Yoke Rustic Barn Decor


Antique Vintage Wooden Yoke 32" Ox Horse Harness Melting Ladle Farm Equipment 


Vintage Wooden Single Tree Yoke Oxen Horse Weathered Wood